Exploring Utah Trails: A Hiker’s Dream

Exploring Utah Trails: A Hiker’s Dream

Have you ever felt the urge to explore the great outdoors, but weren’t sure where to start? If you’re looking for some breathtaking hikes and outdoor adventures, look no further than Utah! In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best trails Utah has to offer. So lace up your hiking boots and let’s get started!

Where is the best hiking in Utah?

If you love hiking, Utah is the perfect place for you. With its expansive, natural beauty and hiking trails of varying difficulties, Utah provides the best hiking experience around. Utah’s hiking trails have something to offer every level of a hiker; ranging from low-difficulty strolls through meadows and along riverside paths, to more advanced hikes up steep cliffsides with spectacular views of mountains and valleys. Regardless of your hiking preference or ability, you’re sure to find a hiking trail in Utah that accommodates your needs and wants. So why not make hiking Utah’s trails part of your next outdoor adventure? It’s sure to be an experience that you won’t soon forget!

Does Utah have good hiking?

Utah is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. With its stunning canyons, breathtaking deserts, and epic mountain peaks, Utah has some of the best hiking in the country. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking for a challenge or just looking for a place to take a leisurely stroll, Utah has something for everyone. Utah offers unique benefits far beyond its terrain – Utah’s National Parks allow hikers to enjoy spectacular nature without having to leave the comforts of a city behind. Utah’s sprawling landscapes are perfect for those looking to spend time in nature and explore all there is to offer this great state!

What is the longest hiking trail in Utah?

The Great Western Trail in Utah is an epic hiking trail with a length of more than 1,400 miles. It crosses nine National Forests and four states, winding across deserts and plains, canyons, and mountains. Hikers on this trail get to experience Utah’s extreme landscape, alternating between scorching desert heat and snow-covered mountaintops. Day hiking opportunities cater to all levels of hikers, from short easy trails to longer, more challenging treks; so everyone can find something that suits them. The Great Western Trail truly offers an unforgettable hiking experience through one of the most varied and exciting parts of the United States.

Why hike in Utah?

Hiking in Utah is an experience unlike any other! Home to the Great Salt Lake and many of the nation’s premier national parks, it’s no surprise that this state is among the most popular destinations for hiking enthusiasts. With its beautiful landscapes and vast network of trails, Utah offers hike adventurers breathtaking views, challenging paths, and a great place to take in some fresh air. From the Wasatch Mountains to Zion National Park, hike routes are varied and exciting. There’s something here for everyone – whatever your tastes may be. Whether you’re a rookie hiker or a veteran mountain climber, you’re sure to make some amazing memories while exploring Utah!

What is the most difficult hike in Utah?

If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further than the most difficult hike in Utah: Mount Timpanogos. Part of the Wasatch Range, this 11,752 ft peak requires an intense 20-mile round trip from the Timpooneke or Aspen Grove trailheads. Along this journey, hikers will experience rugged terrain across mountain ridges and boulder-filled meadows. Not to mention, significant elevation gain and a grueling summit take most people 7 to 8 hours to complete! If you want the thrill of conquering one of Utah’s most impressive mountains, tackling Mount Timpanogos should be at the top of your list!

How do I prepare for hiking in Utah?

Preparing for a hiking trip in Utah doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. The key is to plan ahead and make sure you have the essentials. These include comfortable hiking shoes that are broken in, plenty of fresh water for hydration, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for protection from the sun, and an extra layer of clothing for versatility when temperatures drop. Having a basic first aid kit is also a good idea in case of any weather-related or incorrect route emergencies. You should also research the area you will be hiking and plan your route accordingly. Lastly, make sure to tell someone where you will be hiking and when they can expect you back! With all these tips in mind, prepare yourself for an adventure that you won’t soon forget!


Utah is one of the most breathtaking states in the nation, so it’s no surprise that some of the best day hikes can be found within its borders. From iconic Zion National Park to winding trails around red rock formations and snow-capped mountain peaks, Utah truly offers something for everyone when it comes to deciding on a perfect day hike. Explore 12 of our favorites and discover just why hiking trails in Utah is both unique and unforgettable. These include highly rated trails near Salt Lake City, family-friendly spots along the Wasatch Front, and even backcountry routes that take you deep into must-see wilderness areas. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you’re looking for, these hikes offer some of Utah’s most beautiful scenery with amazing photo opportunities too!

Best hikes in Utah 

Angels Landing Hike (Zion)

The Angels Landing Hike in Zion National Park is a must-do adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. This strenuous but rewarding 5.4-mile trail starts with a gradual climb and ends with dangerous switchbacks as you make your way to the top of the peak. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by exquisite rock formations and enjoy views of the blue waters below. The last stretch up to the landing is a bit intimidating and not for the faint of heart, but once you tackle this grueling challenge, you can soak in breathtaking 360-degree views from Angel’s Landing that will truly take your breath away. So if you’re feeling up to it, grab your hiking boots and take on this special hike – trust us, it’s worth it!

Observation Point Trail (Zion)

Observing Point Trail in Zion National Park is an unforgettable experience! With beautiful views of Angels Landing and the Virgin River, any hiker is sure to be amazed. Beginning near the campground at Court of The Patriarchs, the trail follows a path rich with outdoor activities such as rock scrambling and canyon viewing. For those looking for a steadier trail, Observation Point delivers over 1,500 steep steps – including two leveled platforms for hikers to catch their breath. A little patience offers rewarding sights of colorful pinnacles and towering peaks in Zion Canyon. Whether it’s your first visit to Zion or you’re a seasoned pro, Observation Point Trail should not be missed!

The Narrows (Zion)

The Narrows in Zion National Park is an incredible place to explore. Whether you prefer the challenge of a technical hike with canyoneering gear or just traipsing through the streams of the Virgin River, you’ll find something to love about this unique experience. Hundreds of sandstone walls span up from the valley floor, creating breathtaking views as you make your way through what seems like a labyrinth. It’s a choice spot for photographers and sightseers alike and even has great camping opportunities. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, The Narrows should be your first choice!

Kanarra Canyon & Falls (Zion)

Located in Zion, Kanarra Creek Canyon offers an amazing natural escape surrounded by vibrant red sandstone. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a first-time adventurist, the canyon is a must-visit and provides breathtaking sights at every turn. Meander through lush foliage and towering canyon walls adorned with ancient petroglyphs, spot unique rock formations, and take a dip in crystal-clear pools as you make your way to the iconic Kanarra Falls. This popular excursion offers lots of fun and photo ops, so don’t forget your camera! With its spectacular scenery, this is one place your ordinary outdoor trip won’t soon be forgotten.

Corona Arch Trail (Moab)

The Corona Arch Trail is a must-do when visiting Moab. The views from the top of the arch are breathtaking and the hike itself is not too difficult. I would recommend getting an early start though, as it can get pretty hot in the afternoon.

Delicate Arch Hike (Moab)

Exploring the unique landscape of the Moab is a must-do for any nature enthusiast. Delicate Arch is an especially popular destination, known for its towering natural archway that seems to defy the odds against gravity. The Delicate Arch hike offers adventurous travelers the chance to immerse themselves in breathtaking views, a historic landscape, and plenty of opportunities to take some stunning selfies! Despite its difficult terrain, reasonable fitness levels and solid footwear will help adventurers make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So if you’re looking for a new way to explore the great outdoors, consider tackling the famous Delicate Arch Hike!

Tower Arch Trail (Moab)

If you’re looking for an adventure, Tower Arch Trail in Moab is the perfect place to explore! This incredible hike winds through breathtaking red rock and sandstone formations, offering spectacular views at every turn. Beginning with a descent into two awe-inspiring arches, this trail winds its way up onto Tower Mesa, providing hikers with panoramic views of the canyons below. At the top of the mesa, hikers will find even more amazing sandstone structures to explore. From fascinating hoodoos to a grand monolith at the center of it all – there is something special around every bend. With challenging terrain that is well worth the effort – Tower Arch Trail should definitely be on your list of hikes to explore!

Double Arch (Moab)

The majestic beauty of Double Arch in Moab, Utah is something to behold. This natural sandstone formation is over 120 feet tall and 120 feet wide, and its two giant arches stand side by side connected by a bridge in the middle. The sun streams through their openings, casting a delicate veil of light on the otherworldly landscape below. There are no fences blocking visitors from exploring all around the unique curves and shapes of nature’s workmanship here. From overlooking the endless expanse of red desert sands to trekking through it for an unforgettable hike, this place will capture your heart with its awe-inspiring grandeur. Whether you stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours, Double Arch in Moab will give you an experience that you won’t soon forget!

Windows Trail (Moab)

The Windows Trail in Moab, Utah is an iconic destination and a must-have experience for every adventurous hiker! Featuring stunning views of towering orange cliffs, deep canyons, and the Colorado River this moderate 3.2-mile hike is sure to be an unforgettable experience with plenty of photo opportunities along the way. With relatively easy access for various skill levels, this trail offers something for everyone. All it takes is an appreciation of the great outdoors and a love of nature to fully appreciate the beauty and awe that this landscape will bring. Come see why hikers keep coming back to the Windows Trail time and time again!

Wire Pass / Buckskin Gulch (Escalante)

For those looking to experience the best of Escalante, a day hike at Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch is a must. This incredible adventure meanders through magnificent red rocks and stunning canyons – leaving you with unbeatable photo opportunities. Following the route, visitors can explore ancient Anasazi petroglyphs, and gently flowing streams and experience the beautiful desert landscape that Escalante offers. If you have enough energy left at the end of your adventure – be sure to take time to soak in the inspiring views from its many lookouts!

Peekaboo Canyon / Spooky Gulch (Escalante)

Peekaboo Canyon and Spooky Gulch in Escalante, Utah are spectacular adventure destinations that are perfect for experienced hikers and beginner explorers alike! These two narrow canyons feature towering sandstone walls, jagged cliffs, and hidden crevices that are sure to captivate your heart as you wind your way through. Peekaboo Canyon includes an excellent trail that is ideal for families with children or those who want a leisurely day hike experience. For the more adventurous souls out there, the slot canyon of Spooky Gulch is an enjoyable challenge. With cascading rainfall and fantastic petroglyphs along its walls, the sight of this unworldly wonder is something you won’t soon forget. So come and have fun exploring nature at these amazing places!

Coyote Gulch Trail (Escalante)

If you’re looking for an amazing outdoor adventure in Escalante, Utah, the Coyote Gulch Trail is the perfect spot. This 12-mile loop trail is absolutely stunning and will not disappoint. From expansive views of red rock mesas to deep curves of the meandering Paria River, this beautiful landscape will enliven your senses and stir your soul. Enjoying something special like Coyote Gulch Trail, with its unique and breathtaking scenery, is a great way to get out and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Start planning your trip today – you won’t regret it!

Best Waterfall Hikes In Utah

Utah has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world and many outdoor lovers enjoy exploring them on hikes. From raging rivers to placid pools, Utah is filled with incredible waterfall hikes to choose from. Angels Landing in Zion National Park is one of the most popular among hikers looking for a thrilling experience. The hike up to the top includes several steep switchbacks, giving you a picturesque view of its dramatic red canyons that really stand out against the white sandstone ledges. Mount Nebo offers more of a leisurely pace with its shallow riverwalk surrounded by stunning mountains and blue sky. If you happen to be in Moab consider visiting Lower Fisher Towers, a hike that takes you into secluded backcountry trails— complete with Native American cliff dwellings built centuries ago— to get an amazing view of its breathtaking waterfalls at the summit. Whatever adventure you decide on, Utah will impress even the most experienced waterfall hiker with its sheer natural beauty!

Best hikes in Utah in may

May is the perfect time to go on a hike in Utah! The air has warmed, and wildflowers are beginning to bloom in abundance. There is no better way to celebrate spring than experiencing the beauty of Utah’s majestic landscapes up close and personal. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a first-timer, there are plenty of different hikes across the state suitable for any level. For those looking for a challenge, Grandview Peak Trail offers 8 miles of breathtaking ridge-top views accompanied by steep inclines and plenty of leg-burning switchbacks. Every step through Zion National Park’s Emerald Pools trail will guarantee stunning views, fragrant riverside foliage, and an easy 4-mile loop that anyone could enjoy. May truly bring out Utah’s beauty and charm with every passing day – make sure you add a good hike to your plans!

With its unique landscape, incredible trails, and variety of destinations, it’s easy to see why Utah is an unbeatable destination for hikers. Whether your goal is to hike the longest trail, take on a challenging summit, or simply get out in nature for an afternoon, you’re sure to find what you seek in Utah. Taking the time to prepare yourself and your gear is essential before starting any hike and can help ensure success when hiking in the Beehive State. So get out there and explore; the wilderness of Utah is waiting! Happy hiking!

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